Owners give blue bird a birthday gift. Bird has the best response ever

Marnie is a ringnecked blue parrot who lives in a house with a bunch of other fine-feathered friends. When it’s Marnie’s birthday, all the animals get involved, including the blue-eyed dog under the table, as you can see in the video below.
They have species-select treats, including a cake designed just for Marnie, and enough to go around for all the pets in the household too. Marnie’s cute little voice is talking plainly as he examines the cake and waits patiently for his birthday presents.
Then, Mom takes the presents out one at a time, and Marnie’s response is so precious!
He squeaks “Thank you!”, raises his wings and looks with excitement at the toys presented to him.
"Click, click, click, give me a kiss!” he chortles over the stuffed animals.
When the little purple bunny is held up, he gives it an audible smack on the lips.
Marnie’s parents have numerous other birds, too, who all are present at the birthday party. It takes someone with experience with parrots and the time and patience to train a ringnecked blue parrot. Without proper stimulation and regular handling, they can easily slip back into their wild ways. There seems little chance of that happening to this parrot, though.
Highly intelligent, they love to explore and learn tricks and are very playful. Although most do not learn to talk as readily as some other parrots, Marnie certainly has no problem with that! They also love toys, as you’ll see when Marnie receives his presents.
Watch the video below about a beautiful, engaging bird and decide for yourself: Would you make a good parrot parent?
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